Saturday, November 15, 2008

burn for me- first demo

metalcore/melodic death metal from 2003. very much influenced by black dahlia murder, though not as heavy on the thrash and blast-beats. their later material was much more technical and blasting, with the last recording being full-on tech grind/death. members now playing in tech death band sensory amusia

download it here


daniel jameson said...

i started spin kicking

daniel jameson said...

yo rohan, can you upload the collapse songs from the in name and blood split. plzzzz maaan

Hate Your Guts said...

Leo is filthy cunt said...

hey man, this blog shreds

is there any way you could send me a scan of a any of the heist releases, or at least a big image of one?


would be most appreciated!

cheers, Leo

Anonymous said...

hey mate, i'm lookin'for a scans from
boys, nuns, beer bottles & cunts cd/Rupture . have u this cd? any chance for it? thanx!
greets from Poland ! Arek

Anonymous said...

I miss this blog!

Anonymous said...

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