Thursday, October 30, 2008


recorded late 05 and released some ridiculously short time after (like one week after the recording was finished?). cover art by yours truly. 80's US style hardcore, ala early NYHC like antidote and abused, plus a little poison idea negative approach etc.

the band went through a lot of names before settling on jaws, they played their first show as "nugget percell and the dropknees" due to not having a name by that time. some of the possibilities i personally thought were better than jaws, eg blow you brains out and heads will roll

also note that the tracklisting on the back cover is incorrect. it is as follows.
7) rock bottom
8) boring

download it here

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the magoos-live at hyde park

not sure when this was recorded. .maybe '03 or '04. recorded by max of mongrel country.
james vinciguerra (of AIDS, soviet valves, the collapse, jaws etc) was playing drums for them at this point so its a lot faster than their demo. the magoos played very raw, punk swedish hardcore ala shitlickers, crude SS, etc though instead of the obligitory anti-war lyrics they had some anti-white, pro jemah-islamia (sp?) vibe hate lyrics going on. brutal indonesian hatred. (i should probably point out that 2 3rds of the band were indonesian to avoid confusion.

this set includes discharge and rats covers.

download it here

Sunday, October 26, 2008

cachexia-forkin baldies

from '94. this band sounds riff wise a little similar to rupture, though the song structures and drumming is a little more death metal. i heard this band a one point had two vocalists though one was a pro-surfer, so they often played shows and recorded without him due to him surfing elsewhere.

download it here

they also have a myspace here

Friday, October 24, 2008


shoddy 4-track recorded tape demo from early '05. the first 10 or 20 also had a cover of black flags-fix me (as they were recorded from the master tape) but it got all fucked up when recorded onto digital format, which the rest of the demo tape's were recorded from.
this is very early stuff for the band and quite different to where the band ended up. whilst still fast, it has a lot more negative approach type hardcore punk in the song writing.

* edit- this link has expired and i'm leaving it so until the repress of the demo on 7" through coffin cut records has sold. its a small pressing so shouldn't last too long.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

pagan grind-issue#6

don rat's zine from 94. interviews with nailed down, dogmachine, verbal diarrhoea, inebriated plus reviews and whatnot.

download it here

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hellbound-blasphemy tape

thrash metal from '93. the cover art of this tape was drawn by zombo of rupture.

don't know much about these guys, though i think some of them are still active in the perth metal scene. this is good, though the songs are a little long, the shortest being a little over four minutes, so it's more suited to people with more metal attention spans than my ADD ridden self

download it here

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

halo of knives-eat god

recorded in 2003, the bulk of it in 2 hours at the end of the session collapse had booked to record their demo (which was later released as the self titled 7" on endless blockades and split 7" with in name and blood) this recording was released first as a CDr demo just after it was recorded and then shelved until its release in 2005 on sydney label grindhead records.

halo of knives consisted of james, me, jay (who later went on to play guitar in extortion) and simon. musically it was prettty stock standard grind, though of the more hardcore variety than metal, halo of knives was pretty much a heavier continuation of AIDS. heavy on the blastbeats. broke up fairly soon after recording due to simon moving to melbourne.

download it here

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

nailed down-atrocious damnation

released '96 on german label ecocentric records as a 10". this one is a lot different to violent distortion, which was released a year or two earlier, a different drummer and a different style, more swedish d-beat thrash with simpler song structures. the recording is quite raw as it was taken from rehearsal tapes that were sent to mattias of ecocentric as demo tracks for an example of the new album, but he loved the sound so much he decided to put it out as it was.

the record was poorly recieved and got some bad reviews. i personally think this is great, awesome brutal recording and real negative riffs. my only qualm is that it is, at 27 songs, a little too long. with music of this style, even though i'm a fan, my attention still starts to wane at about 16 songs or so.

download it here

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

debbie gibson

this is the only recording debbie gibson have, from a rehearsal. note that the track titles on the mp3s are most probably not correct, just what i'd picked up from what they yell at the start of each song.

the following is an excerpt from the debbie gibson entry on the whalehammer blog. i'd also like to point out that whalehammer is the heaviest band name ever concieved. i mean, fuck. think about it. brutal.

Debbie Gibson were a short-lived d-beat/hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia. I would say their timespan was approximately late summer, early the-season-that-comes-after 2006. The music was a mixture of thrashy d-beat and occasional blast beats with a bit of an 80's hardcore scrappy feel and liberal doses of chaotic feedback. Their influences were Discharge, Rudimentary Peni and modern Scandinavian/Amerikan d-beat acts. The lineup was Zaheer on guitar, Luke on bass, David on vox and Rama on drums. Zaheer and Rama had previously played in the quite popular asian-power crust/d-beat punk band The Magoos.
download it here

Thursday, October 9, 2008


a few more flyers from the '90's

Monday, October 6, 2008

rupture-righteous fuck

released in '91 on swiss label off the disk records, who also released the first infest LP. i would say this 7" is my favourite rupture release and probably the first of their releases that had the "rupture"sound. swedish hardcore riffs, complete with mob47 style buzzsaw guitar tone and blasting siege style drumming. previous to this release rupture were a rather sub-par grind band, dated sounding guitar effects, sloppy drumming and some cookie-cutter politcal lyrics that said things heard a thousand times before. this record, whilst still having a rather politcal slant and whilst does not get as bizarre or offensive as later rupture releases, does feature lyrics that had a real hatred for the sheep mentality and rhetoric in the hardcore scene as well as some more irreverent lyrics.

download it here

the rats-teenage radio

awesome super basic punk from 99. if you asked the man on the street what punk sounded like, this would probably be it. 3 chord songs, raw recording, a drum beat (just one) with no rolls, no frills and no cymbals bar the hihats and songs like "d'ya wanna root?". cd also contains a killer cover of wire's 'mr suit'.

the rats used to play pretty much every weekend, mostly at the hyde park hotel, i have good albeit blurry memories of this band. guitarist don rat went on to form scumrock band the homicides after the demise of this band in 2001

download it here

Sunday, October 5, 2008

cobra clutch-gay shit for faggots

this was a shortlived band featuring rhys davies of squandered, dan of jed whitey and andrew of the dead ends. they formed to play some dwarves/zeke inspired speed-rock, with a little US hardcore chucked into the mix. songs have amazing lyrics about rockingham bogans, pawn shops, porno and an amazing song entitled "the world health organisation vs poison idea".
their live shows were equally irreverent, where much of the time on stage was spent talking shit on the audience.

before rhys left for the UK for an extended holiday they got into the studio and recorded this (late 05), though it was never released due to the band being unhappy with the finished sound (they thought it sounded too clean)

download it here

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

insurrection-demo tape

from '84. peace punk, complete with male and female vocals (for extra added social equality). though the tracks on the yuppify or die comp didn't impress me, i think this is really quite good.

this band features matt snashall on bass, who happened to play in pretty much half of the punk bands in perth in the 80's (mob vengence, pestilence, resurrection, blood and water, etc)

download it here