Sunday, November 2, 2008

heist-18 gears of hell

not sure when this was recorded/released, possibly around 96. this cd was recorded by stumblefuck from rupture on 4track and though some of the 4track recordings he had done have sounded amazing (the rupture-righteous fuck record for example) though this one unfortunately isn't the best sound. the drums are rather drowned out and it gets a bit messy at times. it was recorded after the previous drummer (dean of rupture, nailed down, sufferance etc) left the band and recording this has undies of brown demon drumming.

the song writing is a little odd, and seems to have a lot of weird stoner rock joke songs and some outright filler with casio drum beats and retarded lyrics, though if you cull all the joke and rock songs there are a handful of genuinely good songs. my picks being "he's an angry man", "oo longdong bourbonsingsong", "dugite blues", "zz dead" and "so many ways to die, no way to live"

download it here


das krapital said...

eh, i still think this is pretty rad.

Tom Miller said...

hey dude! murray from cco told me that you have some heist t-shirts. do you want to e-mail the list of cool shit so i don't have to keep messaging you. it's will send you more cash for shit. yep.