Tuesday, May 29, 2012

all in deep shit-self titled

recorded in 2002 and released on gash records in 2003. predominately "power violence" tunes, but realistically the band was also a mish-mash of whatever hardcore and metal we were listening to at the time. the line-up on this recording was james vinci, rhys, robin and myself.
artwork by mike bukowski.
download it here

Monday, May 28, 2012

wasted til death-demo

wasted til death were a band from bunbury, to my knowledge they only played live maybe once or twice. this demo would've been from maybe 07 or 08.
lots of thrash guitars (i get the feeling these guys might've been municipal waste fans) though the drumming features more flat out blast-beats than thrash metal fast beats.
download the demo here

Sunday, May 27, 2012

the magoos-brigadë 55 demo

more scandinavian style hardcore-punk from WA. this time made by some indonesian punks living in perth. interesting lyrical content in that rather than having the usual anti-war, fuck the system content that this style of hardcore usually has, its brutal, intolerant, pro-war, pro-violence, anti-white lyrics. and with this approach somehow totally fit in with the sketchy scum-rock vibe of the punk bands they often played with (most notably the rats, whom they cover on this recording)
i've heard rumours that many of these songs may have been re-recorded and re-released a few years ago? this is the original demo recording, though i couldn't say exactly when its from as my memory is a little hazy. maybe 2003? 2002? also, if anyone has a copy the cover for this release, please get in contact.
download it here

Saturday, May 26, 2012

rothgar sea of fire tape

this is the first rothgar tape (the second, "inside the glass confines" can be found earlier in this blog) from 91. quality thrash metal. this isn't quite as good as their 2nd tape and some of the changes from the metal parts to the folky bits comes across a little awkward, but its still great stuff and performed well. the members average age was around 16 years old at the time which is mind-boggling considering the quality of this stuff.
download it here

Friday, May 25, 2012

the pimps-tape

sam from the pimps was kind enough to send me a link to the all the recordings the pimps had done. this includes all the material found on the tape that was released for their last show in 2000 and a live set from the hyde park hotel.
UK82 style punk, ala the exploited etc. though on the more aggressive side.
i recall (barely, most shows were attended extremely drunk) seeing this band many times when i first moved to perth, excellent sloppy live shows where the band was as sloshed as the audience.
the drummer, corky, went on to drum for the first incarnation of the homicides (known as the dose at the time) and zane the guitarist went on to play for python, an excellent rock-n-roll band with pervy scum-rock vibe to the lyrics.
sam requested that a torrent file be uploaded for the link, you can get it here
you can also get the full tape cover here

Thursday, May 24, 2012

suffer-raw violent assault tape

2011 tape released by no patience for a tour suffer had done. 7 tracks including rupture and disrupt covers. as the name implies, this is rawer and noisier than previous releases (which were all quite raw recordings anyways) more feedback and blown out recordings, but not in a way that obscures the music. my only complaint is that i wish the drums were higher in the mix, but this is a very minor complaint (its not as if the drums are inaudible) and only due to my love of hell fast drumming.
i received this recording as all songs in one long file but have split the recording into separate tracks for your convenience.
download it here

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

riot system-fit the image

primitive raw noisy scandi style hardcore from 96. the ep was released on 7" by south australian label spiral objective. feat. don of the rats/homicides and i think that might be mike who went on to drum for nailed down.
side A is apparently a studio recording and side B is a rehearsal room recording (hence why one of the songs is found on this ep twice) though both sides are comparable levels of rawness.
i think i personally like side B more. it seems a little faster and has a great hissy tape compression sound to it.
download it here

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

helta skelta-parasite

tape release from a few years back.
4 tracks (including a cover of SSD)of an interesting mix of garage punk and black flag influenced hardcore. it works well, which is surprising as its notoriously difficult to mix the aggressive style of hardcore with garage, given its usually a more up-beat genre of music.
download it here

Monday, May 21, 2012


i believe this is from a split with ultimo rausea from japan, released on ecocentric records in the mid 90s. i don't have the ultimo rausea tracks, but seeing as this is a perth blog, its probably fitting just to have the excretion tracks.
the band was a recording project by dean and craig from nailed down, aiming to be a generic grind band formed solely with the purpose of getting their own records banned in australia (this was around the time cannibal corpse records were being censored in australia and rupture almost had their records confiscated by customs (it ended up getting through due to the fact the lyrics on the record were "indecipherable")) unfortunately (or not? who knows) the record was not censored or banned by australian censors, probably due to the low profile of the band.
musically this is great, and much better than other "generic" grind of the time. it definitely falls on the hardcore side of the genre. the only downside is the vocals are a little bodgy, but not so bad it ruins the songs.
download it here

Sunday, May 20, 2012

penetrating stairs/magic window split CD

recorded live at 208 on friday 16th of november, 2007.
penetrating stairs was a band made up of clare on drums, myself on bass and alex (who later joined UV race in melbourne) on guitar. sloppy flipper/feedtime inspired munted jams.
magic window was i believe 2 members of astral travel and james on keys playing some catchy synth punk.
download it here

Saturday, May 19, 2012

nailed down-leak of deadly bacteria

from 96 and released on spiral objective records. it is also known as "destroy deceitful fellows".
10 tracks of raw dirty scandinavian style hardcore. all of these these tracks bar the anti-cimex cover were also on the atrocious damnation 10" though i'm not sure if its an entirely new recording or the tracks were selected from the atrocious damnation recording to put on this australian release.
download it here

Friday, May 18, 2012

eleventh he reaches london-diving for treacher

eleventh he reaches londons first release from 2003.
much more heavy and angular sounding than later material, to me it sounds like a mix of 90's screamo with a some math-metal. still featuring the longer, more intricate song structures of later work.
download it here

Thursday, May 17, 2012


hardcore from 89. one of matt (stumblefuck) bands before starting rupture.
5 tracks. one being a BGK cover and another of the the other tracks played twice, so i assume this is from a practice tape.
sounds like a mix of US and UK hardcore, with a little of what could almost be early earache records riffage, though the guitar tone keeps it from sounding very metal.
download it here

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

burning sensation-s/t LP

another band of the prolific david west (whale hammer/debbie gibson etc). this band used to play pretty regularly in perth, mostly at the hyde park pub. consisted of dave and i think a bunch of guys he went to school with or something. it strange to say, but it meant they had a pretty unique look, a bunch of normal looking dudes playing some fucked up sounding super noisy poppy punk. strange in that any other band playing anything punk in perth at the time looked/dressed appropriately punk. although obviously unintentional it gave a real kind of "fuck you" vibe to their sets. the fact their shows were obscenely noisy (which doesn't really translate onto the LP to as much of a degree) added to this.
the LP itself is great. heaps of variety and catchy songs so it keeps your attention well, varying from sweet pop, to harder almost hardcore songs and a lot of weird fucked sounding parts too, all fitting together really well as a whole. personally reminds me of hot snakes for some reaon.
this must've been recorded something like 5 years ago? i think the LP was released as a small pressing in the last 2 years, so you might be able to hunt down a copy if you hunt through distros. do so. its worth it.

download it here

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the collapse-demo

i believe this was recorded in 2003? the original demo was released on CD though the tracks were later split up and released on two different records (5 went on the s/t 7" released on endless blockades and the other 3 went on a split 7" with melbourne band "in name and blood")

the band was effectively members of all in deep shit (vinci, rhys and myself) with a new vocalist (piotr) and aaron (of from the ruins and grim fandango) on 2nd guitar. formed after all in deep shit broke up due the vocalist moving to melbourne.
very much of the new heavy melodic crust sound that was all the rage at the time.
note that the art pictured above is the cover of the s/t 7" as no longer own a copy of the cover for the original demo.
download it here

Monday, May 14, 2012

runt-go the whole hog LP

criminally under-rated LP from 96.
anarcho/peace punk vibe to this one, that almost gets folky at times, but veers into aggressive hardcore territory on some songs. never really got much recognition when it was released (despite making tim yohannan of maximum rock'n'rolls top ten at the time) probably due to poor distribution.
not sure of the rest of the line-up, but i know it features dean of heist/nailed down/rupture on drums and fritz who went on to form the new husseins.
download it here 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

faces of death-self titled LP

nicked the link for this one from pauls perth music blog.
death metal from the early 90's featuring darek, rupture's first drummer. his skill had obviously improved by this point and its a lot tighter than the rupture records he performed on.
heaps of vocal and guitar effects on this record to make it extra evil sounding, in a very metal way.
facebook page here
download album here

Saturday, May 12, 2012

hugga mugga-tape

technically this shouldn't be on this blog as its not a perth band, but i had been hunting for it for a while and it is related to perth bands (as it is a project featuring patto on drums, who went on to drum for the first incarnation of nailed down in 93 or so)
i had originally heard that this was a band patto had done after he was in nailed down, but the liner notes state this was recorded in 1990, which precedes nailed downs existence.
it is a two piece (patto on drums and vocals and dean on guitar, bass and vocals) so its safe to assume this is a recording project. musically its very much early 90's crust-core. blast beats and UK riffs, kind of similar to disrupt, though quite loose in its performance and the recording quality doesn't help (which was probably made much worse by the age of the tape i ripped it from) it also features a few rather jokey songs, which seems to be common of smaller bands of this time.
also features a shitload of covers. napalm death, doom, extreme noise terror, electro hippies, condemned.

download it here