Sunday, November 14, 2010

threshold of pain-1983 demo

very early perth hardcore from 1983. these guys were apparently heavily influenced by discharge, though their music is more of an interpretation than straight up cloning, intentional or not. fast, noisy, loose and punk as shit. almost confuse levels of chaotic distortion.

thanks to dan for uploading the full 13 tracks!
you can download it here

Saturday, November 13, 2010

all in deep shit-fuckface ep

7 song ep recorded early 2003. this material was written and recorded after the band officially broke up, due to vocalist robin moving to melbourne and as such has vocal duties filled by members the band (myself and rhys) and simon whitfield (who went on to sing for halo of knives). songs were written over the course of a month and then promptly recorded. the songs have more of a technical and chaotic sound to them to earlier material & all songs have time-based lyrical content.

the recording was released by fuckface records on business card size cds in a red cloth case with the above image printed on it. also included inside was a sticker.
download it here

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hailstones kill 200-june 19 1932

technical grindcore recorded 2004 and released in 2004 on grindhead records. the band consisted of matt, jon (from sex at gunpoint & ken oath) nick (from inter alia) dan (from jed whitey & cobra clutch) and myself.
it should be noted that the and was no where near as tight live as this recording, a lot of studio wizardry (courtesy of aidan barton) being involved.

there was a good deal of humour involved with the band, hence the scattered, almost wacky structures of the songs and odd live performances.
get it here

the title of the release is a reference to the event that inspired the bands name- on june 19 of 1932, in the hunan province of china, farmers and citizens faced with drought amassed to pray for rainfall. the hailstorm that soon followed killed approximately 200 persons.