Sunday, December 6, 2009

elf and the goon gut babies-wheres the goon? tape

UK82 style punk from 1990. not sure what happened to the members of this band.
get it here


john kelly said...

there was a goon gut reunion in 1995 I think. I remember some girl broke her ankle.

Anonymous said...

The lead singer had a suit made out of Goon bags..all class

Busta Nez said...

Elf now lives in the UK and the drummer lives in Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

I used to drum for them before the tape was recorded, which was probably a good thing, as Cam was a lot better than me. There was a reunion in 96 from memory where I was asked to play bass for some reason and a fella called Ants played drums and Tolan who organised the gig,on guitar. The other boys werent into it. Elf and I were the only two originals. It was a disaster I remember. Yes Elf did have a goon-suit. Who are you Busta-Nez?

Anonymous said...

It was fukn fun times

Anonymous said...


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