Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hailstones kill 200-june 19 1932

technical grindcore recorded 2004 and released in 2004 on grindhead records. the band consisted of matt, jon (from sex at gunpoint & ken oath) nick (from inter alia) dan (from jed whitey & cobra clutch) and myself.
it should be noted that the and was no where near as tight live as this recording, a lot of studio wizardry (courtesy of aidan barton) being involved.

there was a good deal of humour involved with the band, hence the scattered, almost wacky structures of the songs and odd live performances.
get it here

the title of the release is a reference to the event that inspired the bands name- on june 19 of 1932, in the hunan province of china, farmers and citizens faced with drought amassed to pray for rainfall. the hailstorm that soon followed killed approximately 200 persons.

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