Monday, May 21, 2012


i believe this is from a split with ultimo rausea from japan, released on ecocentric records in the mid 90s. i don't have the ultimo rausea tracks, but seeing as this is a perth blog, its probably fitting just to have the excretion tracks.
the band was a recording project by dean and craig from nailed down, aiming to be a generic grind band formed solely with the purpose of getting their own records banned in australia (this was around the time cannibal corpse records were being censored in australia and rupture almost had their records confiscated by customs (it ended up getting through due to the fact the lyrics on the record were "indecipherable")) unfortunately (or not? who knows) the record was not censored or banned by australian censors, probably due to the low profile of the band.
musically this is great, and much better than other "generic" grind of the time. it definitely falls on the hardcore side of the genre. the only downside is the vocals are a little bodgy, but not so bad it ruins the songs.
download it here

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