Saturday, May 12, 2012

hugga mugga-tape

technically this shouldn't be on this blog as its not a perth band, but i had been hunting for it for a while and it is related to perth bands (as it is a project featuring patto on drums, who went on to drum for the first incarnation of nailed down in 93 or so)
i had originally heard that this was a band patto had done after he was in nailed down, but the liner notes state this was recorded in 1990, which precedes nailed downs existence.
it is a two piece (patto on drums and vocals and dean on guitar, bass and vocals) so its safe to assume this is a recording project. musically its very much early 90's crust-core. blast beats and UK riffs, kind of similar to disrupt, though quite loose in its performance and the recording quality doesn't help (which was probably made much worse by the age of the tape i ripped it from) it also features a few rather jokey songs, which seems to be common of smaller bands of this time.
also features a shitload of covers. napalm death, doom, extreme noise terror, electro hippies, condemned.

download it here

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