Thursday, October 30, 2008


recorded late 05 and released some ridiculously short time after (like one week after the recording was finished?). cover art by yours truly. 80's US style hardcore, ala early NYHC like antidote and abused, plus a little poison idea negative approach etc.

the band went through a lot of names before settling on jaws, they played their first show as "nugget percell and the dropknees" due to not having a name by that time. some of the possibilities i personally thought were better than jaws, eg blow you brains out and heads will roll

also note that the tracklisting on the back cover is incorrect. it is as follows.
7) rock bottom
8) boring

download it here


das krapital said...

oh man, fuck yeah, i have a copy of this i found somewhere but its gone to shit, i really needed a fresh copy, i had to figure the track listing error out myself, speaking of track listing errors, maybe youll be able to answer my question, i forgot which Heist release it was, i think the self titled maybe, but i can never find track 12 anywhere, do you know what the story behind that is?

Anonymous said...

thats pretty cool, specially since cbr/resist are re-releasing slow motion suicide with all these tracks on it hahah

Anonymous said...

from what i've heard, defeat had 2 demo's, one with james and another with rhys. is there any chance that either of these could make it up onto this blog?

Anonymous said...

HEY YOU! If any of you lesbians dig this record, keep your eyes out for CLEVER SPECIES? ''MODERN PROBLEMS!'' LP out soon.

Hate Your Guts said...
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Anonymous said...

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