Friday, May 25, 2012

the pimps-tape

sam from the pimps was kind enough to send me a link to the all the recordings the pimps had done. this includes all the material found on the tape that was released for their last show in 2000 and a live set from the hyde park hotel.
UK82 style punk, ala the exploited etc. though on the more aggressive side.
i recall (barely, most shows were attended extremely drunk) seeing this band many times when i first moved to perth, excellent sloppy live shows where the band was as sloshed as the audience.
the drummer, corky, went on to drum for the first incarnation of the homicides (known as the dose at the time) and zane the guitarist went on to play for python, an excellent rock-n-roll band with pervy scum-rock vibe to the lyrics.
sam requested that a torrent file be uploaded for the link, you can get it here
you can also get the full tape cover here

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Krug said...

link don't work no more. anywhere else to get this stuff? cheers