Monday, May 14, 2012

runt-go the whole hog LP

criminally under-rated LP from 96.
anarcho/peace punk vibe to this one, that almost gets folky at times, but veers into aggressive hardcore territory on some songs. never really got much recognition when it was released (despite making tim yohannan of maximum rock'n'rolls top ten at the time) probably due to poor distribution.
not sure of the rest of the line-up, but i know it features dean of heist/nailed down/rupture on drums and fritz who went on to form the new husseins.
download it here 

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Philthyusmaximus said...

This was released in 97 on my Human Error label just before I left Australia to live in Europe. You're right about poor distribution but I only pressed 500 copies at the time due to finances and leaving the country/on the run etc. Sent a copy or two to MRR but never saw the review. Glad to know Tim Yo put it in his top ten at the time. It really is a great album by a great band who were very nice people. And yes Dean the drummer was previously in Nailed Down and Rupture (something he regretted then and will regret til the end of his days I'm sure). Thanx for the cool review and for putting it up for download. Seriously criminally underrated as you stated. Philthy.