Sunday, October 5, 2008

cobra clutch-gay shit for faggots

this was a shortlived band featuring rhys davies of squandered, dan of jed whitey and andrew of the dead ends. they formed to play some dwarves/zeke inspired speed-rock, with a little US hardcore chucked into the mix. songs have amazing lyrics about rockingham bogans, pawn shops, porno and an amazing song entitled "the world health organisation vs poison idea".
their live shows were equally irreverent, where much of the time on stage was spent talking shit on the audience.

before rhys left for the UK for an extended holiday they got into the studio and recorded this (late 05), though it was never released due to the band being unhappy with the finished sound (they thought it sounded too clean)

download it here


Anonymous said...

any chance on track names?

Anonymous said...

oh dont worry about it man they appeared after i imported it.

Anonymous said...

Champion, this record is being released on Salter records.

recloser records said...
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Anonymous said...

Q for gohan:
who played dums again?