Sunday, October 26, 2008

cachexia-forkin baldies

from '94. this band sounds riff wise a little similar to rupture, though the song structures and drumming is a little more death metal. i heard this band a one point had two vocalists though one was a pro-surfer, so they often played shows and recorded without him due to him surfing elsewhere.

download it here

they also have a myspace here


gamma693 said...

Do you have a tracklist for this demo? I'd love to have it if you do, and a full scan of the cover.

What you're doing with this site is great! I've been a fan of Australian HC for years now and a lot of this stuff I've been looking for since the 90s. Thanks!

tenrohle said...

the surfers in the band were matt manners who shaped for rusty (amongst other things) and matt branson who was a pro.

tenrohle said...
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