Tuesday, October 21, 2008

halo of knives-eat god

recorded in 2003, the bulk of it in 2 hours at the end of the session collapse had booked to record their demo (which was later released as the self titled 7" on endless blockades and split 7" with in name and blood) this recording was released first as a CDr demo just after it was recorded and then shelved until its release in 2005 on sydney label grindhead records.

halo of knives consisted of james, me, jay (who later went on to play guitar in extortion) and simon. musically it was prettty stock standard grind, though of the more hardcore variety than metal, halo of knives was pretty much a heavier continuation of AIDS. heavy on the blastbeats. broke up fairly soon after recording due to simon moving to melbourne.

download it here

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