Wednesday, October 15, 2008

nailed down-atrocious damnation

released '96 on german label ecocentric records as a 10". this one is a lot different to violent distortion, which was released a year or two earlier, a different drummer and a different style, more swedish d-beat thrash with simpler song structures. the recording is quite raw as it was taken from rehearsal tapes that were sent to mattias of ecocentric as demo tracks for an example of the new album, but he loved the sound so much he decided to put it out as it was.

the record was poorly recieved and got some bad reviews. i personally think this is great, awesome brutal recording and real negative riffs. my only qualm is that it is, at 27 songs, a little too long. with music of this style, even though i'm a fan, my attention still starts to wane at about 16 songs or so.

download it here


Sean said...

rohan, i would love to get my hands on mp3's of the extortion demo... any chance?

Little Johnny said...

The ultra lo-fi ness is cool, but I think it's pretty bland overall

悪魔 said...