Tuesday, October 14, 2008

debbie gibson

this is the only recording debbie gibson have, from a rehearsal. note that the track titles on the mp3s are most probably not correct, just what i'd picked up from what they yell at the start of each song.

the following is an excerpt from the debbie gibson entry on the whalehammer blog. i'd also like to point out that whalehammer is the heaviest band name ever concieved. i mean, fuck. think about it. brutal.

Debbie Gibson were a short-lived d-beat/hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia. I would say their timespan was approximately late summer, early the-season-that-comes-after 2006. The music was a mixture of thrashy d-beat and occasional blast beats with a bit of an 80's hardcore scrappy feel and liberal doses of chaotic feedback. Their influences were Discharge, Rudimentary Peni and modern Scandinavian/Amerikan d-beat acts. The lineup was Zaheer on guitar, Luke on bass, David on vox and Rama on drums. Zaheer and Rama had previously played in the quite popular asian-power crust/d-beat punk band The Magoos.
download it here

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