Friday, September 12, 2008

all in deep shit-infection tape

this was recorded in 2002, but wasn't released until 2006. effectively its the leftover tracks from the self titled 7" that came out in 2003, shelved until dan of "needle in a guy's ass" tape label got in contact asking to put it out.

not sure how many were made but it disappeared pretty quickly.
a quick note: the song "paranoia" has also appeared on the demo and the split tape with negative reply though under the title "she taught us" (the original title was supposed to be "she taught us to be paranoid") though this version is the only one with the curious line "i live in pannawonnica". another note: i had to google to find the correct spelling of "pannawonnica".
download it here
some footage of aids playing live in 2004 at one of their many "last" shows. see it here

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Anonymous said...

Word is the original title for Paranoia was 'she taught us the joy of shame and the shame of joy' taken from an inscription on Maude Flanders's memorial statue at Praiseland in episode CABF15 of The Simpsons titled "I'm Goin' to Praiseland". Good Ep.