Wednesday, September 17, 2008

rupture-baser apes

this one came out in '93 and was released on the revered (well, if you're into fast hardcore at least) slap-a-ham records.
i personally think the mix on this is a bit bung. the vocals are awesome and one of gus's better performances , but mixed so loud that they kind of obscure the guitars at points, which sucks cos they're some killer riffs. still worth listening to of course, i'm just saying this in comparison to some of their other releases.
just a rumour i heard: the cover for this 7" was originally going to be something along the lines of the heist-pain is causing life 7", i.e very much in the infest vein, but the label returned it and said to re-do it and the resulting masterpiece is the cover you see above. definite improvement on the first, more generic idea.

download it here


Anonymous said...

Love this record!
Now please upload corrupture!!!

Tom Miller said...

the loud vocals make it! that's the thing i like most about it, reminds me of some fear of god material, where the vocals are so loud it laps of the backing music even. fav. rupture release in my opinion! good stuff

Little Johnny said...

Some great songs on here, I agree with the mix being a bit crap. Most of the tracks appear elsewhere with a better sound. Still, classic stuff

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