Friday, September 26, 2008

bail bonds issue#2

this is the zine i scanned the perth punk 80's family tree i post up earlier. it has a lot of info on the late 70s perth punk bands such as the victims, scientist etc and a lot more family trees for you to peruse. interesting shit (though not in the literal sense).

i've only got issue#2 so if anyone reading this has any other issues, plz get in contact.

download it here


borntobepunched said...

I used to have an issue of this zine that had an Aust vs NZ "battle of the punk comps" article (basically Lethal Weapons vs AK-79, with AK-79 coming out on top. As it should). Unfortunately I tossed all of my zines long ago. Sorry Rohan!

Anonymous said...

Hey I am the person behind this 'zine. Basically I did about 4 issues (I'd have to check the originals/photocopies are in a box somewhere). Basically I had been spending decent cash/collecting old zines and thought it'd be a good way to spread some of the old KBD style stuff I had to other people for free. I photocopied them at work and did about 100 copies. A friend of mine got an abusive phone call from Rudolf V of the Victims because of something I reprinted from an old zine - he thought it was new and someone was insulting him, when in reality it was from '80/'81! I did have material for another 2 or so issues, more going in the M Squared/Post punk direction but then as usual enthusiasm waned.

Anonymous said...

Me again, I also did a quickie website for the Victims

the email address is probably 6 years out of date. try

Anonymous said...

Link seems dead...any chance of a re-up Thanks

twiceremoved said...

Hey, I did this zine (I'm the anonymous coment above). I have passed the master copies of the 4 completed issues plus enough material to do another 2 issues onto James Vinciguerra who is interested in making more copies.