Saturday, September 13, 2008

controlled by fear-demo

recorded in 88 and was never officially released (hence no cover). this band features gus chambers (andrew sheen) and stumblefuck (matt weiland) who both went on to form rupture and sounds pretty similar to their early-mid 90's output, though a lot sloppier and with a lot of generic politcal lyrics. the whole anti PC thing seems to have developed a few years into ruptures existence. the bassist, neal went on to form the instrumental band cucuhlainne powerhead

download it here


Joe said...

Hello from Florida. I did a little history piece on Rupture in a zine I put out a few months back. Just was poking around on the internet for even more info and found out about Controlled By Fear from another blog. I would love to hear this, but the link isn't working. Is there anyway to fix it? I'd also be happy to send you a copy of the zine with the Rupture story. Let me know. Killer blog, by the way.

Busta Nez said...

I was the bass player in Controlled By Fear. We had saved up all the money we had made from our gigs to hire a recording studio for a day. Unfortunately Andrew hadn't confirmed the booking so when we turned up there was another band being recorded. SO we hired a few mics and a 4 track and recorded it in a rehearsal studio. We never released the demo, the band split into an instrumental 3 piece, we did 1 gig and then the band folded, Matt teaming back up with Andrew to form Rupture and I formed a 3 piece thrash outfit called Cucuhlain Power Head. A buddy of mine put me onto your blog, until now I haven't had this recording for 20 years (yep, I feelin my age too) cheers Neal

r said...

cheers for the info! i'll update the entry

Toxik Boys said...

Amazing blog! thanks for all the gems! this in special is a great band for me and I didn't know this demo, so thanks a lot again!

If you are interesed, I've posted an old comp. called DELIRIUM TREMENS (vol.17) with some Controlled By Fear tunes.