Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the stayawakes

a very shortlived band, never played a show. existed in early 2002 for a few months and came about after the demise of Dead hand (the band had the ingenious working title of "dead hand 2" before deciding on their title) and featuring all members bar pete lynch. i think these are all the songs they wrote, and were recorded on 4track at a rehearsal. i found the tape buried in a drawer, ripped it onto my computer and cleaned it up, so it sounds pretty sweet, a little sloppy, and the misfits cover is lacking vocals in the verse but otherwise top notch sound for a 4track recording.

the band imploded as they thought it wasn't really happening, saying it felt forced. they dropped the band and rhys joined james in AIDS (all in deep shit) replacing kim who had recently left due to lacking the time to play in multiple bands as he was also in negative reply.
i'd also like to point out that insane squealing sound is james vinci (drums). he used to emit the said ear piercing sound whenever he got excited, and i think it really adds something to this recording.

the band sound like fast 80's US hardcore, with a lot of blazing rock-riffery chucked into the mix. reminds me of 9 shocks terror. actually i think one of the riffs is lifted from them haha

download it here

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If this is the Dead Hand 2 I heard in a car on the weekend, then it fucking rocks! The singer sounds like a psychotic pre-schooler