Wednesday, September 3, 2008


heres a family tree i found in a zine that was given to me, it has a few others based more on the mid 70's through till mid 80's victims type punk scene. i'll scan them and put up at a later date.

this one focuses more on the rougher, more hardcore and metal side of punk in the 80's through til about 91 i think. its very well drawn up though i'm not sure where it was orignally published (looks like a professional magazine job)

i have a few bits and pieces from bands mentioned on this that i'll upload (pestilence, black sheep, insurrection, threshold of pain, controlled by fear & storm of perversion) but if anyone out there has anything else by anyone on this, please get in contact!


Luke said...

Hey Rohan. That family tree looks like Ross Chisholm's handiwork, and my failing memory tells me it was from Guy Blackman's Salty and Delicious zine. Nice work on the site!

Krug said...

got any Storm of Perversion?