Tuesday, September 30, 2008

nailed down-violent distortion

(original 3" cd cover art)

(10" repress cover art)

this one was originally recorded and released in '95 on 3" cd on japanese label profane existance far east, but has been repressed numerous times. killer powerviolence with a big japanese hardcore influence, this one is a lot faster than the honour and glory recording due to dean of heist playing drums on this recording. the songs are also a lot more technical in structure. its a real dark sounding record, i remember first hearing this and thinking the people who made it must have had something really wrong with them. menacing sound.

it was repressed later on 10" vinyl, but the artwork was changed due to the label having some issue with the nazi imagery on the 3" cover, which is odd considering the image was taken from some anti-nazi propaganda from WWII.

download it here


Little Johnny said...

Killer stuff. Pity they didn't keep up the fastcore thing and descended into that terrible "Oi" stuff later on.

Anonymous said...

This is great Nailed Down, at their near best. Have you go the Live tape that came out before this. I've got no tape deck(something Ill have to sort as damned punks still put out tapes!)

Jason Rawpunk