Monday, September 29, 2008

jed whitey-this machine kills hippies

this 7" contains four of the faster songs from their "mongoloid cage match" LP that came out in 01 plus a cover of jealous again. It was released on swedish hardcore label busted heads (run by 138 from DS13) a year or two after the LP.

jed whitey began as a stoner rock band in 98 and apparently they used to tune down to G, which is a league heavier than any metal band in perth i've heard of. Sentences such as "hey thats rather heavy" have been said after listening to such sounds. they eventually tuned up to standard and start playing fast, more straight-forward detroit rock, though with a real aggressive punk vibe about them and had a few early poison idea style US hardcore songs in their sets (see the butler did it & we used your record as a beer coaster on this 7") and covered a lot of classic hardcore songs.

download it here

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