Saturday, September 6, 2008


heist were a ripping fast hardcore band from the early to mid 90's. for the most part they were soley a studio band, due to the drummers distaste to playing live (he stated in an interview "i really couldn't be bothered to waste my time playing for a bunch of humanoids who probably wouldn't like it anyway").
Though after recording the 2 7"s they got another drummer and recorded a pretty shoddy 22 song cd and may have played live, but i'm not sure as my only contact with the band is with the old drummer (who also played in rupture, nailed down, excretion, sufferance and currently plays for extortion)

self titled 7" (also known as the bloodstained ep)
Recorded in 1993 or 1994 i think. top notch fast hardcore. this one was released on german label ecocentric records.
download it here

pain is causing life 7"
recorded the year after the self titled. felix from havoc records contacted the band after hearing the previous record and they wrote this. the ep was written is something like 3 practices or something equally ridiculous. as such it sounds like there is a few filler songs in there, but most songs are still blazing.

download it here

and here's a rip of a reheasal recording for the self titled. theres no vocals and it was recorded on a boom box, so it sound raw as your grandparent fucking at your wedding. anyone who is not a huge fan of heist or is going to be a princess about sound quality need not apply.

download it here


Tom Miller said...

two quality releases. so glad i got the first one on record.

decimalz said...

This is the best thing I've ever heard. 1st is fucken on the ball. These guys could've taken over the world.