Friday, September 5, 2008

the quick and the dead

another violent night 7".

this is a bit of a perth classic as far as i'm concerned. totally catchy songs with a real nasty sound to it. the vocalists pronounciation is rad, in a bizarre way (naa-thing for yooo-ah)

this one is from 81 and was put out by the band, and is pretty hard to get (and expensive when you do find it) nowadays.
the bassist went on to recieve the dubious honour of joining skrewdriver. not sure of the political opinions of the rest of QATD, and the songs don't really focus on politics.
you can download it here
there is also a youtube put up by stumblefuck from rupture of some old TV footage of the quick and the dead from the early 80s. you can see it here


James said...

the bassist i don't think was in white noise. though, a guitarist from white noise is in the current version of QATD

check out this great murray holmes video

Anonymous said...

Good to see this posted...

My understanding of QATD has been that Murray H. was 100% into the political thing. The rest of them were just wearing swastikas, etc. for the good old shock value.

Great single in any case.

Anonymous said...

I knew these guys and a band I played in played with them a couple of times, the original members were more into the thing as a laugh (the guitarist was of Russian-Jewish extraxtion) and all of them eventually left once it started becoming less f a joke and more of political agenda- Murray OHMS was into it for real. He was wierd guy who had a basically ran this well-organised and violently racist skinhead scene in Perth in the early 80's that got scarier and scarier until most of the local punks just up and left for melbourne or went underground. That's a crackin' single though.

Anonymous said...

Its your nightmare speaking . Murray Holmes . I like the the short write ups . its allways good to remember the past but I dont agree with everything said .
I dont concider myself as weird . maybe ecentric . lololol
Not all punks and skins did a mass migration to the the east . The east had a lot more going for it at the time music wise . and they had a chance to explore australia. all eventually returned to the west .. some in coffins .
That was a good comment about Mark (sopko) Oakley .. our ex guitarist being russian jew
He may have come from a communist block country but denounced communism once he revisited his country of origin . Jewish !!!!!! I dont think so but managed his money like a jew .
He was allright .
And so we continue to Keep QATD alive and kicking today . So watch out we will be playing at avenue near YOU
Murray (OHMS ) Holmes

Anonymous said...

Q&TD and White Noise are among the ranks of the best in the world in this genre...without a doubt...God bless ya Murray, Glenn and the boys!!

Anonymous said...

Murray Holmes here again
disregard everything i said
i suck cocks
i can't even spell always

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Anonymous said...

Lol !! I don't know where this thread is going but ... back up a bit to Quick and the Dead .... I am the REAL Mark Oakley ;) and definitely not of Russian Jewish descent ( LOL ). My dad was born in Czechoslovakia and fought in the German Army during WW11. I did visit the Soviet Union in 1986. I am vehemently opposed to communism and socialism. P.S. Murray, good to see QATD have reformed !! Joy in OI !