Tuesday, September 9, 2008

nailed down-honour and glory

this was released on six weeks records in 97, though it was recorded earlier, in 93 or 94. it was released on 8" flexi format and as such has pretty bad sound quality. luckily these tracks are ripped from a cdr of the master, so the sound is great, though i'm uploading them sans the two live tracks on the end of the flexi, you'll have to hunt down a copy if you want to hear them.
i may be mistaken, but i believe this recording was originally going to be released on spiral objective records as a 7" as there is mention of a possible spiral objective release in interviews made around the time it was recorded. i'm just making assumptions here so don't take my words as fact or you may get us both in the shit you numbskull.

nailed down has gone through many members and different styles and this release is more along the lines of japanese hardcore meets siege style that they started out as. kim sounds super angry on this one too.

download it here


gamma693 said...

Thanks for this! I've always wanted to hear these songs with better sound quality. I really can't understand why people bother with releasing music on flexi's. They ALWAYS sound like garbage.

Anonymous said...

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